1. Resumes, cover letter and career coaching go hand in hand for the success in applying online or in person. We have heard hundreds of success stories from clients who stepped into the next employment step or achieved business success with confidence.
    Meagan Ellan
    "Thank you for the personal attention and excellent revision of my resume"
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to present work history that has been interrupted with personal events, changes in employment, international moves or little experience in a field of interest. Coaching with presentation work can definitely help.
    Jane Young
    "I needed the coaching you offered to take the next step with confidence"
  3. There are so many areas and specialized fields. Tying those to your life and professional interests, your current resources, family matters, and health is complex and without a professional sounding board lots of time and finances can be wasted. Let us help you sort it out and be your coach and accountability partner.
    Robert Castillo
    "I really didn't know which step to take....Thanks!"
  4. With a wide variety of business ventures and opportunities available, matching those with personal resources, estimating start up costs, creating websites, advertising and promoting a business can be overwhelming in addition to selecting the business itself that can be successful in today's market. Call us for more information and help you save important start-up funds.
    Karen Portecco
    "I have always wanted to start my own definitely helped."
Note:  The above testimonials are reflective of actual comments made by customers but names and photos are not those belonging to actual customers.