Career and Life Consulting Specialists
Professional Career Advancement Coaching
  1. Resumes & Cover Letters
    The resume is the traditional staple of your business and professional presentation. We can provide you the presentation edge for essential attention in today's market. A superb state of the art cover letter is many times as important than a resume itself, let us create a great one for you.
  2. Social Media Management
    Let us help you be the more discoverable and offer your best online presentation. We can offer an assessment of your Facebook, Linked In and other social media. We also can offer website development if you are starting or growing your own business.
  3. Career-Life Coaching
    When looking for opportunities and balancing that with personal life, there are usual a myriad of considerations to make. Having someone to think aloud with by phone or Skype can be useful in moving forward to the best plans for your next career step.
  4. Interview Skills
    Interviewing for the job you want or need is key to all first impressions once you have been noticed with an attractive resume and have your "foot-in-the-door". To be prepared for questions an employer may ask, we offer practice and coaching opportunity to answer common questions an employer might ask.
  5. Salary Negotiation
    Payment for services is often the last piece to fall into place, but the first on any job-seeker's mind. How to finesse your approach to take the right steps at the right time to move forward is artful and yet most important. We can help prepare for those.
  6. Accountability for Success
    Sometimes in the career search and advancement process it is helpful to have an accountability partner to keep focused on the journey. This can be set up as a quick phone call of 10-20 minutes once a week or as needed.
Our Approach
Professionalism with Personal Focus

Having offered hundreds of career advancement consultations including for the development of outstanding resumes, business sales presentations, career and life coaching sessions, referrals to professionals and business development opportunities, we are poised to hlep you succeed.  Bring forward your desires, hopes and base of experience to achieve your realistic goals.  Our mission is to assist you in getting you where you want to be.   We know  that a lot of time and money can be wasted on seeking, preparing and thinking about your career and your life when considering that are not personalized or suited for your career and life goals.  You are worth the investment to make the next move a great opportunity for your future.  Let us help and work with you toward achieving that success. 

Rebecca Bridges PhD, Career-Coach, Mental Health multiple-licensed practitioner for over 20 years -
along with a team of affiliated colleagues and professionals in their field.  

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...taking inventory of where you are, what you need for the journey ahead and planning the path are in the steps of the wise...​​

These photos represent three states of life.  
Our personal and professional journeys can seem like a desert,
a lush field or a place to pause and contemplate.  
No matter where you find yourself, we can help you with skills, knowledge
and self-discovery to advance your
career and life efficiently, effectively and personally. 


Your Professional Plan & Questions
We are here to help you sort out the pieces for the next job venture and career advancement pursuit.  Please address any questions about our services by clicking on the link below

We will be happy to formulate the best plan for a combination of services for you as your investment in your future. 
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